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MAC: Trusting Comodo Certificate


**OF NOTE: It may be necessary to have in-house IT/Apple Genius/Apple Tech Support assist as security protocols which may/may not be enabled on your device can impact this error.


Download the certificates attached to this article, there are two


Installing the Certificates:

1. Go to the folder where you downloaded the certificates and double click on the first certificate file. This will open the Add Certificates dialogue window.

Select the Keychain (login)
Click on “Add.”


This will bring up the Keychain Access screen.

Double click on the COMODO certificate that was just installed.This will bring up the following window:
Open the “Trust” section and make sure the option “Always Trust” is selected for the first option “When using the certificate.”
  • Note: This will automatically change the subsequent options to "Always Trust." Go ahead and leave those as they are.



  • Close the window by clicking on the red dot at the top left.When prompted, enter in your system password and click Update Settings.
Repeat steps 1-8 for the second certificate.
Once both certificates have been added and trusted, you may close out of the Keychain Access window and launch items from the Cloud portal.
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