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Citrix Workspace for MAC, Uninstallation instructions


If Workspace is installed, this is the process to uninstall Citrix Workspace for MAC:

**Of Note. Do not install the app from the APP Store, this causes apps to automatically update and, in this case, this is not desired**

1) Citrix Workspace must be uninstalled using the installer package for MAC. Moving the app to the trash does not sufficiently remove the app.
**If no uninstall package is found, one must be downloaded. Download the install package and choose to uninstall from the choices.



The computer MUST be rebooted after the uninstall is complete.

2) Install the latest CITRIX RECEIVER for MAC. v12.9.1


Once installed, do not add an email or work account into the app itself, close out of this prompt.


3) Open the Citrix Receiver App, go to menu, preferences


Proceed to file access, and ensure that the read and write radio button is checked.



4) Exit out of the app and log in as normal through
    **Remember to not add an account if the app prompts, cancel out of the prompt


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