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MAC: Reports Printing Off Screen


Quit out of any active apps whose windows you do not want to resize

Head to System Preferences from the  Apple menu and choose “Displays”

Choose the “Display” tab and check the “Scaled” box next to “Resolution” to reveal all screen resolutions available for the Mac display(s)

Select a smaller size resolution and confirm you want to switch to the scaled resolution


The screen resolution changes and all active windows are resized to fit onto the smaller resolution, and also pulled back onto the display to reveal the window titlebars again

Now go back to Display > Resolution > Scaled > and choose the normal resolution for the screen (or optionally just choose the “Best for built-in display” option


Exit out of System Preferences and enjoy access to your windows again

The resolution trick always works, but because it resizes all active app windows it can be a little frustrating if you have a carefully crafted window arrangement.

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