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Updating FOS Password for FOS Auto Login


To set up FOS Auto Login, the user is required to login to FOS and enter the username and password at least once for the password to set in the windows profile. This can be done by launching FOS and filling the fields of 'User ID' and 'Password'.


If the user is unable to retrieve their password to successfully log into FOS, the FOS Administrator can update the user's password. The FOS Administrator can launch FOS, navigate to 'Users' under the 'Admin' tab and click on the user that needs setting up. Within the User Data, enter the password into the password field as shown in the image below. Make sure that the 'Windows' radio button is checked under 'Authentication Required' and the 'Windows User' field is filled out with the user's windows username as shown in the image below.


Once these steps are followed and completed, FOS Auto Login should be set.

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