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FOS Emails - Sent but not received



Periodically, customers will have issues sending or receiving emails from FOS, when they appear to have been sent properly.


[This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be. Learn about spoofing at]

This issue is most commonly caused by a SPF, or Sender Policy Framework. In a nutshell, SPF identifies which email servers are allowed to send on behalf of a domain, such as or your company's domain. When you are sending an email from FOS, your company's email server may block the message if it is being sent from your address.


Your organization may have a policy in place to prevent emails sent from an external address, marked as coming from internally, to be received. In the past you may have worked around this by making a address be the sender in your FOS setup.

Stellar Cloud now lets you add our domain to your company email records so that you can send emails from your hosted FOS to yourself and not get blocked. This same setting can be added to your interface manager emails so that replies to them are directed to the correct group.

First you will need to contact your company IT department and ask them to add the following to their SPF records:


The following record needs to be added to DNS:



Once your IT department has confirmed the above is setup, you can complete the process in your FOS application.

Open company settings and select the primary company:

Now you may update other records in FOS to send from your company email domains:

Company Default Email:

FOS User Email:


This is how Salesforce and other applications can send emails from customer's domains.

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