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How to clear a frozen session


After being disconnected from FOS users may encounter an unresponsive or stuck application when attempting to log back in. 

*Before using Task Manager (Windows PC) to end Citrix and related processes or rebooting your machine, follow the steps below to close the session and have the ability to get back into the application immediately.

Symptoms of this might look like:

  • black screen when launching a Hosted Application
  • the "starting" window of Citrix will hang then disappear
  • FOS is frozen
  • FOS abruptly closes immediately after it starts


Manually disconnect your account by following the below instructions:

On Windows machines:
For Citrix Receiver version 4.2 and higher:

  1. Locate the Citrix icon in your system tray (found near the date and time on your display]
  2. Right-click the icon and select Connection Center
  3. Single click to highlight the application server name next to the folder icon under the Active heading
  4. Click the Log Off button


  1. Follow the prompts to force log off the session
  2. Close the Citrix Connection Center
  3. Launch the Hosted Application again


On a Mac machine: 

  1. Open Activity Monitor from the Utilities folder. The Utilities folder may be access via Launchpad, searching by name in Finder, or from the Finder menu bar, Go > Utilities > Activity Monitor
  2. Highlight the Citrix application icon
  3. Click the Quit Process button (red or gray stop sign) 


  1. Switch to another application, such as Finder, then from the Apple logo icon, select Force Quit and select the Citrix application. 



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