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Citrix icons unresponsive


The symptom is that icons in the Citrix browser window will appear unresponsive and applications will not launch. This issue may be introduced after your browser updates itself, or when you use a new browser for the first time. These are known issues with the following browsers Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Please follow the fix below for the correct browser

Chrome fix:

  • From your desktop, navigate to your default downloads folder
  • Scroll and find "launch.ica", right click, open with, select "Citrix Connection Manager"
  • Click Ok

Mozilla Firefox fix:

  • In the browser bar of Firefox, type "about:addons" without quotations
  • Click on plugins
  • Scroll and find "Citrix ICA Client", "Citrix Receiver" or "Citrix Online Plug-in"
  • On the right, click the drop down menu and click "Always Activate"
  • Exit Firefox and reopen it to log into Citrix

Safari fix:

  • Open Safari and click Safari on your top menu bar
  • Click Preferences
  • Click on the Security tab
  • Next to "Internet plug-ins" click "Website Settings…"
  • Select the "Citrix ICA Client" plug-in, "Citrix Receiver Plug-in" or "Citrix Online Plug-in"
  • Under Configured Websites, change the dropdown to "Allow Always"
  • Hit Done, exit Safari and reopen it to log into Citrix

Another workaround can be to use another browser.

Reset the Citrix Receiver/Workspace:

  • Navigate to your taskbar and locate the Citrix Receiver/Workspace icon

  • Right click on the icon, select "Advanced Preferences"
  • Select "Reset Receiver/Workspace"

  • When prompted, select "Yes, reset receiver

**of note. The Citrix App may ask you to add an account when it is reset, this is not necessary. Please cancel out of this prompt and log in as normal.


NOTE: an unresponsive icon may also be a symptom of a disconnected Citrix session.  If the above does not resolve your problem, click here to see if what you are experiencing is a disconnected session, and how to fix it.

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