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FOS Email Alerts (Training, Crew Brief, New Trips, Checklists...)


Guide to setting up FOS Email alerts.


Crew Training items:

FOS will send individual training item emails to the crew member when the item is 30 days due. To activate the option open Company Data and select the Crew Training option in Email Alerts.

Ensure the crew member has a valid email address in the personnel profile


FOS Users (Non-Crew Member):

FOS User accounts can also receive emailed alerts for various events in the system. To allow a user account to receive alerts ensure the following have been performed:

Open company data and select the FOS Users item in Email Alerts:

Open the user profile and navigate to the alerts tab and activate the items the user would like to receive alerts for:


For a non-Crew Member to receive training item alerts change the Training Items option to either Flight Restrictive or All. Training Item alerts can be further filtered by selecting a Training Item Type in the drop down.

To prevent an individual training item from ever sending alerts to either a crew member or a user, disable the email alert option in the training item:



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