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Receiver launches .ica but nothing occurs


You are able to log into the portal, but when you launch an application nothing occurs. Or Adobe will open up or just got to your browsers downloads. In these cases after trouble shooting security and verifying the receiver is installed you may need to associate the file type


1. Navigate to your search bar and type "Control Panel". Once the application is visible click on it.

2. A new window popped open for the control panel. This should say "Adjust your computer's settings". You will see a "Programs" group (typically written in green) click on "Programs". 

3. You should now see a group called "Default Programs". Click on "Default Programs"

4. The "Default Programs" window should now be open. You will see the link "Associate a file type or protocol with a program". Click on that link.

5. The Set association window is now open. Scroll down till you see the name ".ica". This should be associated to the Citrix ICA Client. If this is not associated with Citrix, you will see a button called Change Programs go ahead and select it.

6. A window will open asking you how you want to open .ica files. Select Citrix Connection Manager. If Citrix Connection Manager is not a choice under "Other Options". You will need to navigate to the citrix folder and select it.


Navigating to the Citrix Folder

If you did not see the Citrix Connection Manager under More Apps, at the bottom of the window you will be a a link "Look for another app on this PC". Once selected it will allow you to browse to the Citrix Folder.

Copy and paste C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client and place it in the bar, and hit enter

You will now be inside the citrix ica folder navigate to "wfcrun32 and select it. 

The .ica is now associated with Citrix, navigate back to the web portal and launch you Citrix application.

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