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Setting up ARINC FOS Mobile for Stellar Hosting



FOS must be on at least version and ARINC FOS version 3.0.2 on the iOS device. If your account has not been updated please contact the help desk to arrange a date and time.

If all FOS Mobile users have an existing Flight Manager account proceed to step 2.

If there are a mix of accounts start at step 2, then go to step 1.


  1. If the users do not have an existing Flight Manager account one will need to be created, shared accounts may no longer be used
    • In the Primary Company Data record in FOS, select the Rockwell Collins tab and check the Activate Account Synchronization checkbox
    • Save the record
    • Create a new Flight Manager account by opening the User record in the desktop FOS application and putting a unique email address in the Unique Email Address field on the User tab. This email cannot exist in the same field in any other FOS User account
    • Ensure the Mobile Access option is selected under the Mobile tab. Once the record is saved an email will be sent to the unique email address with instructions to create a new password
    • Open the Interface Manager module and update Flight Manager on the Rockwell Collins tab
    • Log into the ARINC FOS mobile application with the new account
    • FOS Mobile will automatically sync with the FOS user profile
  2. If the user does have a flight manager account, add that info to the FOS user profile
    • In the desktop FOS application open the User’s profile and put the Flight Manager username (email) and password in the Flight Manager section of the Interface/APIS tab
      • A new password can be requested from the iOS app at the login screen. Input the Flight Manager username, should be an email address and press the forgot password button, instructions will be sent to that email address
    • Once all users profiles have been updated, open company data and select the Rockwell Collins tab, check the Activate Account Synchronization box
    • Open the Interface Manager module and update Flight Manager on the Rockwell Collins tab
    • Log into the the iOS app with the Flight Manager credentials entered in the user profile

***Distributed FOS User accounts are no longer supported, if your organization uses MOBL and mobl to access FOS Mobile, please revert to using the individual FOS User ID and Password***

    • Input the FOS User ID (A maximum of four letters code found at the top of the FOS User profile window, highlighted in yellow)
    • Input the FOS User Password
      • If the password is unknown it can be changed in FOS by typing in a new password in the password box at the top of the FOS user profile window highlighted in yellow
    • Input the Host URL
      • Stellar/FlightApps host URLs all follow the same format: https://fosmobile***
      • Replace the *** in the URL with your company account number (same as the old host URL)
      • Select the Connect button


Additional Notes

If an account was previously set up for more than one device, only one will now need to be set up with the Flight Manager credentials. Up to five devices can be logged into the Flight Manager account simultaneously.

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